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Plea Bargaining: An Overview

Tomorrow, Attorney Jessica G. D'Varga will be presenting to the Ohio State Bar Association on the topic of Plea Bargaining. Plea bargaining is one of the most important aspects of practicing criminal law because over 90% of criminal cases resolve in some sort of plea...

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Dissolution? Or Divorce?

You have already reached a point where you are ready to terminate your marriage, but which avenue do you choose: dissolution or divorce? Both avenues will result in the same outcome, the termination of your marriage, but which route is best for you and your...

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What to Do If You’re Pulled Over for DUI

You are driving home after a dinner with friends where you had a couple drinks. Suddenly you see flashing lights in your rearview mirror, and you realize you've been speeding. You don't feel as if you'd had too much to drink, but you know you've had some alcohol. What...

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U.s. Supreme Court Nullifies Forced Blood Draw

The United States Supreme Court has determined that "the natural dissipation of alcohol in the bloodstream does not constitute an exigency in every case sufficient to justify conducting a blood test without a warrant." The Court refused to adopt a per se rule that...

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