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Akron man charged with crashing city's website

Were one to conduct a random poll of people in Columbus, a majority might claim to be at least somewhat anti-authoritarian. It may just be human nature to not want to be told what to do (and to be suspicious of the motives and actions of those who issue such edicts and rules). Certain actions meant to express those concerns might even be appropriate. Yet people may also want to be mindful about being too cavalier in thumbing their nose at authority. The wrong sort of expression (even when done to support a cause one believes in) could leave the one expressing it facing criminal penalties

Coping with the stress of a trial

If you are facing criminal charges in Columbus, you are likely more than a little anxious about your future. Going to court is a stressful situation, made worse because the entire process is unfamiliar. You need help but you are not sure where to turn or who to trust. The team at The Law Offices of Saia & Piatt understands the stress you are under and the fears you are facing. We have helped many clients prepare for trial and the emotional toll it can take.

Identifying flaws in the eyewitness lineup

Not all people who are chosen from an eyewitness lineup are guilty of committing a crime. In fact, a surprising number of people in Ohio and across the country have been erroneous selected from an eyewitness lineup and consequently convicted of a crime. How are so many people wrongfully chosen from an eyewitness lineup? Certain procedural flaws and disorganization in arranging the lineup may be to blame.

School shooting threats result in several local arrests

Many in Columbus may recognize the fact that kids will be kids. Most likely take that to mean that kids (and even teens) may engage in actions whose ramifications they do not fully appreciate. While their naivete may be understood, law enforcement officials are tasked with keeping public safety in mind, and thus may be obliged to treat any perceived threats to that safety very seriously. One area where this potential conflict may specifically apply to teens is in school violence. Those teens that imply that they may be preparing to engage in such violence may quickly discover that their words could result in some very serious consequences

What really happens after a false confession?

Whether it is widespread news stories, popular documentaries or simply a changing society, wrongful accusations have received significant attention in recent years. Yet for those behind bars, a criminal charge can come with dire consequences. It can be devastating to find that, all because of one false confession, the future is on the line. With this aspect in mind, it is easy to see why many Ohio residents who are victims to the external pressures of such confessions may decide to take legal action.

The basics of the insanity defense in Ohio

The insanity defense in criminal trials has landed under public spotlight in recent years, largely propelled by popular culture and media stories. But what lies underneath the commentary is a much more serious issue: protecting the life and rights of the defendant. This type of criminal defense can become incredibly complex, as courts must accurately determine if the defense is valid -- after all, many argue over what, exactly, constitutes as insanity. Despite contradicting views on this legal process, Ohio residents have the right to take this legal course of action in certain and potentially crucial situations. 

Amidst gun control debate, Ohio self defense laws could change

Today's current political situations have, without a doubt, sparked controversy over various issues such as gun control. When it comes to owning a gun, regulations in many areas are still up in the air; however, self defense laws in Ohio have probable chances of seeing future change.

What does an insanity defense really mean?

The insanity defense has long been identified as a complicated term. After all, this type of defense can be rare and complex -- not to mention that the depths of the human brain are largely unknown. When a suspect wishes a jury to find them not guilty by reason of insanity, there are many factors that tie into this process. Each state, including Ohio, contains its own laws involving insanity pleas. It is important to understand these laws, as they can make all the difference in one's future opportunities.

How do I defend a failure to disperse charge?

When you receive notice of an Ohio criminal charge of failing to disperse, typically the charging authority is alleging that you disobeyed a law enforcement officer’s command that you leave the area where you were. However, as noted by the Ohio Revised Code, there are several elements that the state must be prove in order to convict you of this misdemeanor charge. As such, you will want to review the evidence to see if the proof is lacking as to any one or more elements of that charge.

If I plead guilty to a crime, can that cause deportation?

Yes, it is possible. Sometime non-citizens of the United States who are lawfully visiting or living in Ohio experience the unfortunate event of being the subject of criminal charges. If this has happened to you, there are things you need to know about the effect of pleading guilty to a charge. As noted by the Ohio Revised Code, there are times when pleading guilty to a particular charge may cause deportation under the U.S. immigration rules.

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