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Avoiding federal estate taxes

With every approaching payday in Columbus, you can count on one thing: the government taking its share of your earnings in taxes. Many clients come to us here at The Law Offices of Saia & Piatt Inc. concerned that the same thing will happen when the time comes to administer their estates. After having worked your entire lifetime to secure assets for your beneficiaries, how disheartening might that be to your family to see much of them eaten up by taxes? 

Don't Lose All Your Money to the Nursing Home: How to Plan for Long Term Care Costs.

You have heard the horror stories from friends, family or neighbors about dealing with an extended long-term care stay for a loved one. Well, unfortunately without proper planning, we see a lot of those horror stories come true. As the baby-boomer generation starts to reach retirement age, we will see these horror stories happen more and more.

Having a productive conversation about your estate plan

While you may not find the topic of death and planning your estate to be the most exciting, being proactive about creating a plan that you feel good about is crucial to guaranteeing that things end up where you want them if you ever become incapacitated. At The Law Offices of Saia & Piatt Inc., we have helped many people in Ohio to develop an estate plan that meets their unique situation. 

Women have unique needs in estate planning

Women in Ohio and throughout the U.S. live longer than men in general, which means they have unique needs when it comes to estate planning. An article in Forbes magazine puts the average life expectancy of women at nearly five years longer than men, with some living well beyond those five years.

How to account for your digital assets in your estate plan

The times are changing, as we all know. In the world of estate planning, the biggest change has been an overall change in personal assets. Instead of journals and photo albums, many people now keep their memories online, on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. In fact, the average internet user is signed up for as many as 26 accounts and maintains 10 separate passwords.

New policy proposals aim to make long-term care more affordable

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 52 percent of those turning 65 now will need long-term care services and supports during their lifetimes. Unfortunately, according to the AARP, “The cost of long-term services and supports over time continues to be much higher than what middle-income families can afford.”

Consider crowdfunding your 529 college savings plan

“Crowdfunding” may not be the most familiar term, but the concept is becoming increasingly important. You may have heard about sites like Kickstarter and GoFundMe, which make it easy to ask friends, relatives, social media contacts and even strangers for startup cash for a new business enterprise. Chuffed and CrowdRise are examples of sites that do similar work for nonprofits. Basically, you identify the project or cause, set up a site, and spread the word. If you’re lucky, people will be interested enough to commit funds to your idea.

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