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Probating small estates in Ohio

Many come to us here at The Law Offices of Saia & Piatt Inc. after having lost a loved one terrified that the decedent's estate may now have to go through probate. This is no doubt due to the many horror stories told by people in Columbus about how probate proceedings can take so long that they drain all of the assets out of an estate through fees. You might have heard such tales, and thus share the same concerns. Yet it is important to remember that the purpose of the probate process is not to take away all of the assets your loved one spent his or her life working for. Rather, it is just to ensure that they are distributed correctly. 

Explaining Ohio's intestate succession guidelines

People in Columbus have been telling you for years that even if you think you do not have time to delve deep into your estate planning, you should at the very least write out a will. Why? The answer is the same as the one we here at The Law Offices of Saia and Piatt Inc. have given past clients who came to us after discovering that their loved ones died without wills: Control. You spend the majority of your life working to acquire assets; imagine how frustrating you would feel if the control over who received them once you are gone is taken away from you and your family. 

Decedent's property is inherited, but not debts

After people lose a parent in Ohio, one of the many thoughts racing through their minds may be whether they are personally liable for any outstanding debts. Along with the emotional strain of the loss and the stress of planning a funeral, they do not need to add the worry of being responsible for paying a parent's bills. In Ohio, a person cannot inherit debt, and there is a system already in place for dealing with the estate and debt. It is known as probate.

Prince estate hits probate court, singer's siblings named heirs

It seems celebrities are no more likely than others to have a will or estate plan in place. That was apparently the case for the internationally renowned artist known as Prince, who died just over a year ago.

Have you considered mediation to resolve your probate dispute?

There are a variety of situations in which a spouse, family member or other beneficiary might become in a probate dispute. While good estate planning can prevent many family conflicts, it’s not uncommon for an excluded beneficiary to dispute a will or estate plan. Your dying loved one might have been under undue influence from a friend or caregiver when they made decisions about who would receive their estate. They might not have been mentally competent when they revised their will. They might have had multiple wills -- or no will at all.

The benefits of probate in Ohio

Probate is an important part of everyone's life and really should not be avoided, much like many people tend to hear. Probate happens following someone's death whether or not he or she had a will. If you have a will in place that includes an estate plan, your surviving family members will be able to spend less time and money during the probate process.

How you can make probate easier for your loved ones

Many people hear the word "probate" as a negative, as in "You want to avoid probate." Actually, probate occurs after someone dies whether he or she had a valid will or not. However, having a will and a detailed estate plan in place can save considerable money, time and stress on family members and other loved ones.

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