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OVI / DUI Arrests

Ohio OVI Lawyers Providing a Strong Defense

We know that everyone makes mistakes, even law enforcement. The officer may have made a procedural error during your OVI arrest, or there may have been a mistake when calculating your blood alcohol level.

Our experienced Columbus OVI defense attorneys at The Law Offices of Saia & Piatt, Inc. can review all of the circumstances of the traffic stop, any field sobriety teststhat were administered, and your actual arrest. Depending on the facts and statements given in the police report, it may be possible to show the court that your traffic stop was unlawful and/or your DUI arrest was in some way unconstitutional.

When are OVI arrests inadmissable in court?

An arrest may be thrown out if any of the following occurred during your traffic stop:

  • If the officer illegally searched your car without your consent
  • Absence of reasonable suspicion to make the stop
  • Standard field sobriety tests improperly administered
  • Failure to advise you of your right to refuse a chemical test
  • Destruction of evidence

Some cases will allow us to review your toxicology report and the details surrounding the machine that measured your blood alcohol level. We may be able to point out any faulty readings and render them inadmissible to the court.

In addition, our team can conduct negotiations on your behalf to see if the prosecutor may agree to reduce your DUI charge to a less serious one. Charges like reckless operation or physical control of a vehicle while impaired carry less serious penalties than an OVI and may even be expugnable while an OVI is not.

Let our proven defense team fight for you!

An OVI or DUI arrest is a very serious matter and can land you in jail, especially if you were involved in an accident while intoxicated. If you have been arrested for drunk driving in Columbus or anywhere in Ohio, The Law Offices of Saia & Piatt, Inc. can work to get your charges reduced or dropped even. We have achieved an impressive list of case results, and our lawyers are ready to fight for you!

We can thoroughly investigate your arrest to see if a mistake was made along the way. We may be able to find a way out for you or bargain for lesser charges to avoid the severe consequences that come with an OVI conviction.

Call our Columbus OVI defense lawyers today to schedule a free consultation so that we can determine your options and get started on your defense!