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Attorneys Attend BAC DataMaster Training

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2014 | Uncategorized |

Breath test results usually serve as key evidence in drunk driving cases. For this reason, it is important for OVI defense attorneys to fully understand how the breath testing process works. This includes having in-depth knowledge of the devices that are used to conduct breath tests. At The Law Offices of Saia, Marrocco & Jensen Inc., we recognize the value of this knowledge, which is why we recently had each of our attorneys take an 8-hour BAC DataMaster training session.

The BAC DataMaster is a breath testing device that is used in the state of Ohio. This training has allowed our Columbus OVI defense lawyers to sharpen their ability to effectively defend individuals who are facing charges for operating a vehicle under the influence.

Through their training, our attorneys learned about various aspects of the BAC DataMaster device, as well as of alcohol breath testing in general. Here are a few of the many different topics that were covered in the training session:

  • The science involved in blood alcohol testing (including evidentiary blood alcohol testing)
  • The effects of alcohol on the human body
  • The breakdown of the BAC DataMaster
  • Simulation checks of the BAC DataMaster
  • BAC DataMaster calibration
  • How the BAC DataMaster and the BAC DataMaster DMT compare
  • Flaws in the BAC DataMaster’s design, manufacture and programming
  • General flaws related to the science of breath alcohol testing
  • Manipulation of the testing process, as well as of the breath testing instrument
  • Current laws pertaining to breath alcohol testing

An understanding of the flaws that exist within breath testing and the BAC DataMaster is an essential part of OVI defense. When technological or human error occurs within the breath testing process, innocent people can end up being charged and convicted of OVI. Our attorneys maintain cutting-edge knowledge of the science and technology involved in OVI testing so they can bring high-quality defense to their clients.

If you are facing OVI charges in Columbus or another part of Ohio, take action now for your defense–pick up the phone and contact our firm! We can provide you with a free consultation.


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