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Easing the financial stress of co-parenting after a divorce

When you go through a divorce, you want to do everything you can to minimize the stress on your child. One major stress that divorcing couples go through is deciding on finances for the child. While discussing finances with your former spouse can be difficult, setting up a financial plan you both agree on can ease a large amount of stress in co-parenting.

Effective co-parenting is an important part of providing your child with a stable environment. Here are a few tips for handling co-parent finances in a divorce:

When should an estate plan be updated?

Your estate plan ensures your heirs are well-protected after you're gone. It also helps deal with financial matters related to your estate, including the payment of debts and settling remaining taxes. While having an estate plan in place is of the utmost importance, you should also take the time to update your plan when necessary. In this case, Fidelity recommends the following advice so you can rest assured that your will and other documents sufficiently meet your needs. 

There are some general rules you should adhere to when it comes to your estate plan. Even if no major life changes have taken place, your will and trust documents should be reviewed on a regular basis. For example, some people perform a review whenever they're going over their financial situation as a whole. This can be done on a monthly or quarterly basis depending on your needs. In general, a review should be undertaken once every three to five years. If a specific life event occurs, then a review should be conducted immediately. 

Creating an estate plan amidst a major crisis in life

There are many unexpected events which can upend one’s life. A divorce that someone never saw coming, a health crisis that could prove fatal and a motor vehicle collision that results in a permanent disability are just some of the crises that people have to work through. Unfortunately, for those who are involved in these crises, other important responsibilities such as estate planning matters may be pushed to the side—which can be a costly mistake.

These serious crises can cause people to become depressed, and they can shatter lives in many other ways. Some people may struggle from a physical standpoint, feeling completely devoid of energy or suffering from high levels of pain, which can make it harder for them to address their estate plan and other critical aspects of their lives.

Ohio’s Administrative License Suspension may sound unjust

It can seem somewhat extreme at first, but after a while, it might still sound extreme. If you’re stopped on suspicion of operating a vehicle while impaired (OVI), you’re expected to take a chemical test and if you’re found to be above the limit, your license is suspended immediately, on the spot. The punishment is carried out before any court or jury or attorney has a say.

What is a high-functioning alcoholic?

When thinking about alcoholism, most people imagine a person without a home, job, or family that has lost everything to his or her addiction. However, this is not true for the vast majority of alcoholics. A high-functioning alcoholic is a person who is able to keep life together for the most part while also abusing alcohol. It's crucial that you're able to recognize the signs of alcoholism so that you or your loved one can seek out assistance before devastating consequences occur.

The first step is to know the signs of an alcohol use disorder. How much you drink is often an indicator of alcoholism. For men, four drinks or more in a day is considered excessive. For women, three or more drinks in a single day are considered problematic. People with alcohol issues also experience a number of negative consequences in their lives. Problems with interpersonal relationships are quite common. Despite these problems, a person may continue drinking. This can lead to legal issues, including OVI charges. 

Starting a new life after your divorce

The end of marriage can be an overwhelming experience, and many people have a difficult time during the divorce process. This is completely normal, and if you encounter various challenges during your divorce you should not feel hopeless or become depressed. For example, it is common to have a lot of anxiety or other negative emotions as you bring your marriage to an end. Moreover, the divorce process can also lead to new opportunities and a brighter outlook on one’s life. For example, people may be able to move to a better area after splitting up with their spouse or pursue a new career and devote more of their time and energy toward pursuing their goals.

There are many ways in which your life may change following your divorce. Perhaps you will find a new partner (or already have one), and you will be able to enjoy a relationship that is more compatible. Or, maybe you will be able to free yourself from a toxic marriage that may have included verbal or even physical abuse. Getting out of this marriage could give you a sense of relief and allow you to restore self-confidence. These are just some of the ways that peoples’ lives can change when they move on from a marriage.

How can I be a better dad to my child?

Many fathers experience a lot of guilt after a divorce. Even if you've been a model parent for the most part, you might still feel responsible for the demise of your marriage and its impact on your family. According to Men's Health, there are plenty of steps that can be taken to improve your relationship with your children, and the best time to take these steps is right now. 

While rules are important for kids, don't go too far out of your way to be a disciplinarian. It might take some time to reconfigure the dynamic between you and your children, especially if you're the noncustodial parent. Implement rules and offer guidelines, but also make sure you're really listening to your kids and respecting their point of view. Compromise is healthy for a family, as it makes kids feel heard while also ensuring parents can effectively protect their brood from potential risks.

Can family DNA testing be used as evidence?

Family DNA testing is extremely popular these days as people seek out information on their histories and backgrounds. It can also be used by law enforcement in search of DNA evidence in order to solve crimes and apprehend suspects. explains more about this practice so you can rest assured of your rights according to the law. 

How genetic information is used

Estate plans and child support

There are many different issues to consider for those who are creating an estate plan or making revisions to an existing estate plan. From figuring out which type of trust works best (or deciding to set up a will) to naming an executor or naming beneficiaries, the estate planning process can be quite complex. There are a number of other things that people may need to consider with regard to estate plans, whether they are creating a plan, or they have been named a beneficiary. For example, inheritance can affect one’s child support payments, and those who are required to pay child support may also need to take this into account with respect to their estate plan.

If you are trying to decide how to distribute your assets among those you love, you may want to think about various issues that could affect your loved ones’ inheritance. For example, if one of your beneficiaries is planning to separate from their spouse, you may want to think about how assets they receive through your estate plan could affect their child support payments. Likewise, if you have to pay child support, it is important to prepare for changes with respect to the amount you are required to pay as a result of your inheritance.

What happens after being charged with an OVI?

With Independence Day right around the corner, many people in Ohio are getting ready to join in the festivities with friends and family. Most holiday parties involve alcohol, and it's important for all those who plan on driving to and from events to understand what can happen if they are caught and charged with operating a vehicle impaired (OVI). Very Well Mind explains a few of the many consequences of OVI. 

Suspension of driver's license

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