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How can I be treated for alcohol addiction?

Legal issues that arise from alcohol abuse can alter your life drastically. That’s why people in Columbus recently charged with an OVI should consider whether they need help for alcohol abuse. Not only can alcoholism result in legal woes, it can also harm relationships with friends and family and cause severe health issues. WebMD explains your treatment options if you suspect you have an alcohol abuse problem.

Cognitive therapy

Have you taken care of your digital assets in estate planning?

If you have already taken the time to develop an estate plan, then congratulations, you are ahead of the game. By creating an estate plan, you have taken steps to reduce any stress regarding the inheritance of your finances, home and any other property. You may have even taken responsibility to execute powers of attorney to attend to possible health or financial matters. But have you addressed your digital assets in estate planning? Before you can address digital assets in your estate plan, you may be wondering what they are. 

How can I bounce back financially after a divorce?

It’s no secret that divorce can be expensive. As a result, many divorcing couples in Ohio find themselves in a precarious financial state once the dust settles. Not only might you lose half of your assets, you’ll also be responsible for legal fees and child support if you’re the non-custodial parent. It is possible to bounce back from divorce however, as illustrated by these tips from Entrepreneur.

Gather information

Factors that influence alcohol metabolism

One of the more common questions people in Columbus have regarding the issue of drunk driving is how many drinks will cause them to become intoxicated? Many hope this will help them know exactly then they will feel drunk. Unfortunately, there truly is no general answer to the question of how much alcohol will cause one to become drunk. That is because people's bodies metabolize alcohol differently. 

Information shared by the Office of Alcohol Policy and Education of Stanford University lists the following as factors that influence alcohol metabolism rates: 

  • Body composition
  • Medications
  • Stomach contents
  • Medical conditions
  • The manner in which one drinks

How can I choose a reliable trustee for my estate?

Many people in Columbus choose to make a trust a part of their estate plans. While these documents are certainly beneficial for avoiding probate, you must make sure that you choose the trustee carefully. This person will be responsible for overseeing the affairs of your estate after you’re gone, which takes quite a bit of responsibility. Because this decision is so crucial, AARP offers the following advice.

Consider a corporate trustee

How do you qualify an expert witness?

When facing criminal charges in Columbus, it is easy to feel as though the deck is stacked against you. Prosecuting attorneys often have a wealth of resources at their disposal, including professionals who are qualified as experts in fields related to your case. Such expert testimony can often be very convincing, as well as difficult to counter with only a lay person's knowledgeable of the subject matter. Fortunately, the law does provide a method through which you can present expert testimony on your own behalf. 

The trouble is, however, that simply claiming the someone is an expert in a particular area does not qualify them as such. Rather, an expert witness must first be qualified before his or her testimony can be viewed as expert opinion. According to the Ohio Supreme Court's Rules of Evidence, expert testimony must meet the following criteria: 

  • The testimony offered by the expert either relates to matters beyond a lay person's typical knowledge of the subject matter or dispels a common misconception related to the subject matter
  • The witness' specialized knowledge, skill, experience, training and/or education qualifies him or her as expert
  • The witness' testimony is supported by reliable scientific, technical or specialized knowledge

Teen arrested following Mount Auburn shooting

The immediate expectation amongst many in Columbus when news breaks about a violent crime may be that the criminal justice system throws the proverbial book at whoever is accused of it. However, it may be important to remember that those accused of criminal activity (even violent criminal activity) are entitled to fair treatment. Such treatment may include the assistance needed to address the influences or circumstances that put them in the position of being associated with such activity in the first place. 

There may be no other scenario where this is more true than crimes involving juveniles. Such incidents can often be devastating to families and communities, as evidenced by the aftermath of a recent shooting in Mount Auburn. The victim was a 14-year-old boy who his father says was preparing for his first year at a local STEM curriculum high school. The boy ended up being shot near his home, justifying the fears his mother had about his safety after she saw that he had fallen in with what she called "a dangerous crowd." 

What you might not know about estate planning

No one enjoys thinking about a time when they are no longer around to provide for their family. Estate planning forces people to think about this, as well as make tough decisions about their lives. Estate planning is a complex process with many steps and components. It can be hard to figure out all aspects of an estate plan and there are a few parts that people may not be aware of at all.

Here are three elements of estate planning you might not know about:

Creating a will in Ohio

People in Columbus are told all the time that they need to start thinking about their estate planning. The most basic step in beginning this process is writing a will. Many have likely heard stories about people drawing up wills on napkins or paper plates and leaving everything they own to a random waitress or bartender. While such parties may certainly submit these types of documents as the last will and testament of a decedent, the likelihood of them being authenticated may be slim. That is because the state of Ohio has already determined the process of how one should make and file a will

Per Section 2107.02 of Ohio's Probate Code, it states that in order to make a valid will, one must meet the following minimum criteria: 

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be of sound mind and memory 
  • Not be under any sort of constraint

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