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What do I need to know about the new strangulation law in Ohio?

Ohio lawmakers recently passed a law that increases the penalties associated with allegations of strangulation. It went into effect earlier this year. Representatives from the prosecutor’s office have stated that they will use this new law as a tool to help put more domestic violence offenders “behind bars.”

What is the new law?

The law defines “strangulation or suffocation” as any act or application of pressure to the throat or neck that would impede the another individual’s normal breathing or circulation of blood. It also includes acts like covering someone’s nose and mouth.

There are three different parts to this law.

  1. Causing serious harm to another through strangulation or suffocation.
  2. Creating a substantial risk of serious harm through strangulation or suffocation.
  3. Causing substantial risk of harm through strangulation or suffocation.

Any one of these three can result in felony criminal charges. The difference is that the charges can range from a second- to fifth-degree felony.

What if I am accused of strangulation or another violent crime?

It is important to take allegations of strangulation or other violent crimes very seriously. As noted above, the penalties are serious. Unfortunately, criminal penalties are just the beginning. Those who are convicted of these crimes may face additional obstacles when applying for jobs, housing, and even scholarships for higher education opportunities.

Do not take the allegations lightly. They will not just go away. A settlement may seem like a quick answer, but it may not be in your best interests. An attorney experienced in this niche area of criminal defense can review the allegations and discuss the best defense strategy for your situation.