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Understanding The Law With Attorney Jon J. Saia

With over 30 years of experience, attorney Jon J. Saia has been selected for inclusion in Ohio Super Lawyers since 2007. In addition to his extensive legal work and trial experience in operating a motor vehicle impaired (OVI) cases, Mr. Saia is a certified instructor for The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the administration of standardized field sobriety tests. He is also certified by the manufacturer of the BAC DataMaster, the breath alcohol testing instrument most commonly used by Ohio police.

Here, Mr. Saia shares his vast knowledge of the law and field sobriety tests on podcast topics such as “What you should know about breathalyzers” and “How to avoid a DUI.”

Whiskey Business With Dino Tripodis: “OVER THE LIMIT: What You Should Know About Breathalyzer Machines”

Everyone metabolizes alcohol differently. And breathalyzer instruments don’t always tell the whole story. In this episode, attorney Jon J. Said shares his knowledge of Ohio OVI laws and breathalyzer machines as host Dino Tripodis and guests demonstrate the inconsistencies of breathalyzer testing.

  • Dino blows under the limit after seven shots of Jack Daniel’s.
  • John blows over the limit after nursing a drink and a half.
  • Greg registers on the machine after eating two pieces of Wonder Bread, despite participating in Dry January.

Listen to the podcast now:

Ohio V. The World: “Clarence Darrow: America’s Greatest Lawyer”

Attorney Jon J. Saia discusses Clarence Darrow, one of the most famous attorneys in America, with host Alex Hastie. In the podcast, they talk about Mr. Darrow’s work as an attorney in Ohio as well as his famous Los Angeles Times case in 1911, which resulted in Mr. Darrow being accused of trying to bribe a jury.

Learn more about the exciting life of Ohio’s famous attorney, Clarence Darrow, by listening to the podcast:

Whiskey Business With Dino Tripodis: “Your Best Shot At Avoiding A DUI”

  • What to do if you’re pulled over for suspected drunk driving
  • Whether you should submit to a breathalyzer test
  • The reality for drivers who are suspected of criminal activity (spoiler alert: Don’t talk without a lawyer present)

Listen to the podcast now:

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