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Probate Attorneys

Guidance for the Ohio Probate Process

When you are trying to cope with the loss of your loved one, the last thing you probably want to think about is seeking legal representation. The responsibility of organizing your loved one’s estate can become burdensome or unmanageable. You can rest assured that you have a support system ready to help when you retain our firm!

When you are dealing with the probate court, you can depend on our team of Columbus probate attorneys who have been serving the community in estate planning and probate matters since 1996! At The Law Offices of Saia, Marrocco & Jensen Inc. we have more than 100 years of combined legal experience. Our Columbus estate planning attorneys are more than ready to take on your probate matters. We know how to effectively handle estate planning matters, manage claims over property and taxes, and offer personal representation.

Ohio Probate Process

Probate refers to a legal process that initiates after someone passes away. Typically, probate begins when someone dies without a last will and testament in place. Its main objective is to distribute the deceased person’s debt, assets, or property, and ensure that all taxes are paid. Upon completion of probate, all heirs will have received their entitled inheritances, and all assets or titles will be transferred to the heir as determined by Ohio’s probate laws.

The typical probate process will include the following:

  • Determining the last valid will of the deceased
  • Determining assets that can be distributed (or not) through probate
  • Determining the nature, extent, and value of the deceased assets that are subject to probate
  • Establishing the debts of the deceased
  • Establishing the method of distribution of assets to heirs and beneficiaries after payment of applicable debts, taxes, and expenses
  • Transferring real estate, assets, or other property to new beneficiaries

The process can take as little as a few months to several years. Many different factors account for the length, expense and complication of the probate process. Our firm can evaluate your particular circumstances and assist you with planning efficient ways to minimize the impact of the probate process on your family.

Our Experienced Trial Attorneys can Represent You

Many people fear the probate process because it is notorious for creating conflict, being complicated, and being time consuming. With strong legal representation at your side, there should be no reason to fear or be intimidated by the legal system. We can keep you updated on your probate proceedings to ensure a smooth transition of property after your passing or the passing of your loved one.

If you need help with the probate process in Columbus, Ohio, or if you have been named as a trustee under a living will or power of attorney, we can be of assistance. We can advise you regarding your rights and responsibilities or any potential challenges you may face. If a disagreement or conflict arises between heirs, we also offer mediation services.

If your probate process comes down to it, we are experienced trial attorneys and can represent you and your family in court. We can review all documents to ensure that your loved one’s assets are properly distributed, transferred, and titled. We can utilize our knowledge in tax planning, review all accounts, and help you prepare tax returns or estate tax benefits.

Helping You Settle Probate Quickly

Our goal is to help you get through the probate process quickly and efficiently and distribute the assets to the rightful heirs and beneficiaries. Having legal representation through the probate process can help you transition into this new chapter of life without having to worry about violating Ohio probate laws or Ohio trust laws. We want to help you make this time as straightforward as possible.

Due to the nature of probate law, however, it is completely normal to experience conflict, disagreement, or confusion over asset transfer. Whether a probate dispute arises from an ambiguous will or due to a family member’s personal agenda, we can help you. We are experienced and nationally recognized trial attorneys by The National Trial Lawyers: Top 100 Ohio Trial Lawyers. Because we offer personal, attentive, and effective legal services, we can take special care to ensure that your probate process is fair and that all assets are distributed according to the deceased person’s wishes.

If you need it, we can provide effective litigation or mediation services. Helping you minimize the possibility of experiencing family disagreement can reduce the likelihood of future lawsuits, resolve disagreements amicably, and find practical solutions to difficult problems.

If you are ready to discuss your probate matters, contact The Law Offices of Saia, Marrocco & Jensen Inc. to schedule your case evaluation !