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Ignition Interlock Device

Columbus OVI Defense Attorneys

If you have been convicted of three or more OVI charges in Ohio, there is a good chance you will be mandated to have an ignition interlock device (IID) installed in your vehicle to prevent further drunk driving. An IID is a sort of miniature breathalyzer the size of a cell phone installed on the steering column of a car. The mechanism takes breath samples as you drive and will shut your automobile down if it detects any alcohol on your breath. If you are required to have one installed by an Ohio judge, you must cover all expenses for installation and maintenance on your own.

How does an IID work?

Before you can start your car, you need to blow into the IID and give the machine an alcohol-free breath sample or your car will not start. While driving, after the first 5 to 15, and every 45 minutes thereafter, you will be asked to give additional breath samples. When called for, you have 6 minutes to give a sample. If alcohol is detected on your breath, the IID will not shut off your car, but will instead register electronically a failing grade and report it to the court.

The IID requires that only the driver of the vehicle provide breath samples by:

  • Needing a specific breath pattern while providing your sample
  • Having a very short cord which will not reach to the passenger or back seats
  • Asking for random samples while driving
  • Making it a crime to have another person give their breath samples for you
  • Detecting when an attempt is made to disconnect or tamper with the device

Its fuel cell technology means that outside scents or chemicals such as cigarette smoke, perfume, gasoline, etc. won’t interfere with breath readings. However, these machines can malfunction and case false readings at times, which could lead to unfair penalties.

Get Aggressive Columbus OVI Defense on Your Side

The only way to avoid having to deal with an IID is to beat your Columbus OVI charges. Our OVI defense attorney at The Law Offices of Saia, Marrocco & Jensen Inc. can fight to have your charges reduced or thrown out completely.

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