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Underage DUI Defense Lawyers

Get Proven Defense for Under 21 DUI Charges in Ohio

Ohio law makes it illegal for any driver under the age of 21 to operate a vehicle with a BAC of 0.02% or higher, one-quarter the legal limit for those over 21. The penalties that come with an underage DUI conviction can be tough, which is why you should retain the services of an experienced lawyer. Our experienced and award-winning team at The Law Offices of Saia, Marrocco & Jensen Inc. can go above and beyond to fight for you.

We know what is stake after an OVI arrest, and your child could be facing consequences that could have a direct impact on his or her plans for future professional, educational, and personal endeavors. Our skilled trial attorneys have helped countless clients achieve satisfactory case results after an arrest, and we can provide the same level of effort for your child’s OVI case. We aren’t afraid to take a case before a jury.

Underage DUI Penalties in Ohio

Those under 21 can be charged with operating a vehicle after underage consumption for a blood alcohol of 0.02% to 0.08%. This can result in a jail sentence of up to 30 days, a fine of up to $250, license suspension of up to two years, yellow license plates, alcohol treatment, and probation for a first conviction.

Penalties can range on a case-by-case basis, but typically include:

  • First offense – misdemeanor punishable by up to 30 days in jail, fines not exceeding $250, and license suspension for up to 2 years
  • Second offense – misdemeanor punishable by up to 60 days in jail, fines not exceeding $500, and license suspension up to 5 years

In addition to jail time, fines, and suspensions, you could be facing:

  • Possible increased insurance rates
  • Difficulty keeping or finding a job
  • Roadblocks to further education and loans

Ohio has some very strict penalties regarding underage drinking and driving, so it is critical that you retain a DUI defense lawyer immediately.

Preparing Your Case for Trial

Lawmakers in Ohio have a “zero tolerance” policy when it comes to underage drinking and driving. If you or our child has been charged for underage OVI in the Columbus area, you need get a superb legal team behind you with the experience to help.

If your juvenile was arrested for underage DUI, we know how important it is for you to see your child through this time. At The Law Offices of Saia, Marrocco & Jensen Inc., we zealously represent those accused of DUI-related crimes, always pursuing the best possible outcome. Our award-winning Columbus OVI lawyers can work to execute an individually tailored defense strategy for your case.

If you wish to learn more about how The Law Offices of Saia, Marrocco & Jensen Inc. can be of assistance to your underage DUI case, contact our firm to schedule a free consultation. We would be happy to listen to your side of the story, develop a defense strategy that can challenge insufficient evidence, and question the validity of any evidence against your child . Because we believe that a solid OVI defense hinges on preparation, we treat every case as if it will go to trial.

Our phone lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so call us today. We proudly serve areas throughout Ohio, including Akron, Canton, Cincinnati, and Dayton.