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Unlawful Police Stops

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When an individual is charged with OVI in Franklin County, the actions of the arresting officer can have a serious impact upon the outcome of the case. The officer must make sure that they follow the law at every stage of the stop and arrest; if they do not, the OVI charges could be dropped.

Without reasonable cause, an officer cannot pull a driver over. In OVI cases, reasonable cause typically involves the defendant driving recklessly, speeding, violating a traffic law, weaving in and out of lanes, or exhibiting other erratic behaviors. However, if the officer did not have reasonable cause to pull you over, the court could determine that the stop was unlawful.

Challenging an OVI Stop in Columbus

The founding attorneys at our firm are both certified by the National High Traffic Administration in the administration of field sobriety testing and have extensive experience challenging drunk driving charges. We have a clear understanding of the OVI arrest process and insight into how the tests should be administered. We can easily spot when an officer has stepped out of line or performed a procedure incorrectly.

A police stop can be ruled unlawful if:

  • The officer had no reasonable cause to pull you over
  • An illegal search and search of your vehicle produced evidence against you
  • The officer lied in their testimony regarding their reason for pulling you over
  • The officer failed to read you your rights during the arrest process

You may be able to challenge an officer’s testimony, proving that they were overzealous in their assessment of your driving and have used that against you to try and secure an OVI conviction. Do not let this happen to you! Call our firm today to start building your defense.

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At The Law Offices of Saia, Marrocco & Jensen Inc., we have more than 100 years of collective legal experience. Attorney Jon Saia is an active member of the National College of DUI Defense and he has been nationally recognized as defense lawyers. Our renowned defense lawyers aggressively fight OVI and DUI in Columbus and across Ohio.

If you are ready to discuss the details of your case, contact our Columbia OVI attorneys today. We offer free initial consultations for all of our clients.