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Jon Saia Interviewed by Radio Station on New Ignition Interlock Device Bill

On Behalf of | Jul 16, 2014 | In the News |

News Radio 610 WTVN has just aired an interview with Columbus OVI Attorney Jon J. Saiaon House Bill 469, a new ignition interlock device (IID) bill that is being proposed in Ohio. Mr. Saia, who is one our founding members at The Law Offices of Saia, Marrocco & Jensen Inc., explained why a certain part of the bill could be seen as a violation of defendants’ Constitutional rights. He also recently shared his thoughts on the bill in an article in The Columbus Dispatch. 

If passed, H.B. 469 would require even first-time OVI offenders to install IIDs on their vehicles. In the interview with Radio News 610 WTVN (posted online on July 15, 2014), Attorney Saia explained that it would remove what is known as “hard time,” or the period of the driver’s license suspension during which the driver is legally prohibited from driving any vehicle. The removal of the “hard time” would allow an OVI offender to begin driving with the IID immediately rather than having to wait.

While Attorney Saia agreed that this bill could help keep intoxicated drivers off the road, he also discussed the bill’s downfall-it would require an IID for anyone charged with OVI, whether or not that person is actually convicted. This would mean that defendants in OVI cases who enter into plea bargains and receive convictions for lesser, non-OVI charges would still have to use IIDs. Not only can this be seen as unconstitutional, but it is also likely to cause more OVI cases to go to trial, Attorney Saia said. The lawyer noted that if this part of the bill is not removed, it will surely end up being addressed within the court system.

In addition to talking to Radio News 610 WTVN, Mr. Saia also shared his opinions on H.B. 469 with The Columbus Dispatch. In the July 14 article, Attorney Saia and said that there is no way that the bill is going to “pass muster,” especially since it would allow defendants with non-alcohol-related convictions to be imposed with alcohol-related punishments.

Through his law career of more than two decades, Attorney Saia has established himself as an authority on OVI defense in the state of Ohio. He has even been featured on the cover of Super Lawyers® Magazine‘s 2014 issue of the Ohio & Kentucky for his work in this field. The lawyer regularly speaks on OVI defense-related topics, and he provides expert testimony in OVI cases. If you are facing charges for operating a vehicle under the influence, one of our skilled Columbus OVI defense lawyers at The Law Offices of Saia, Marrocco & Jensen Inc. can help. Contact our firm so we can assist you with your defense!

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