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Driver’s License Reinstatement

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2014 | OVI |

If you have been placed under a driver’s rights suspension either by the court or by the BMV, here are some important tips for properly reinstating your license at the conclusion of the suspension: 

  1. Be sure to pay your reinstatement fee either prior too or on the date your suspension expires. Failure to do so could result in a No Operator’s License or Driving Under Suspension charge. Remember that any occupational driving privileges you received expire on the date you are permitted to reinstate your license.
  1. If you do not have the money to pay your entire reinstatement fee at once, you can set up a reinstatement fee payment plan with the BMV so that you can begin driving while making monthly payments toward your fee.
  1. Although you can pay your reinstatement fee online, it is best to reinstate your license in person at the BMV so that you can ensure everything has been done properly.
  1. If you did not show your arresting officer or the court that you had proof of insurance for the date on which you were stopped, you will need to show proof of insurance to the BMV when you reinstate your license. Otherwise, you could be subject to an additional license suspension.
  1. Once you have paid your reinstatement fee, always double check that status of your license by visiting the Ohio BMV website at and clicking on the link “View an Unofficial Copy of your Driving Record.”

Current Reinstatement Fee Schedule:

  • OVI – $475.00
  • Administrative License Suspension – $475.00
  • Physical Control – $475.00
  • Reckless Operation – $40.00
  • Underage OVI – $40.00
  • Vehicular Homicide/Manslaughter/Assault – $40.00
  • Drug Offense – $40.00
  • Non-Compliance/No Insurance – $100.00
  • 12 point Suspension – $40.00

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