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Increased OVI/DUI Vigilance Expected Through Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend 2016 is right around the corner. While that means many of us are planning BBQs and backyard celebrations, local law enforcement agencies are preparing for something else: an increase in possible drunk drivers on the road. Every year, Columbus and surrounding areas see increased vigilance from police agencies ready to crackdown on OVI/DUI offenders.

Heightened OVI/DUI vigilance from law enforcement can include:

  • Increased patrols
  • OVI/DUI checkpoints
  • Patrolling of local bars and restaurants
  • A sharper eye for OVI/DUI signs during other traffic stops

Authorities will usually announce any OVI/DUI checkpoints ahead of time, so keep your eye on the Columbus Dispatch or your local paper for any announcements. Earlier this year, OVI/DUI checkpoints were set up on Rt. 256 in Reynoldsburg and Livingston Avenue in the Columbus area.

Avoiding an OVI/DUI on Holiday Weekends

It’s normal for many of us to enjoy alcohol on the weekends-especially on holiday weekends when family and social gatherings usually occur. However, it’s always important to plan ahead and make sure that, if you do plan on drinking, you do not get behind the wheel soon after.

There are a number of ways to avoid a possible OVI/DUI charge:

  • Select a designated driver
  • Use a ride-sharing app (like Lyft or Uber)
  • Use public transportation or a taxi
  • Arrange to stay at your host’s residence overnight

If you are hosting an event this holiday weekend, you can also help by having taxi numbers and bus schedules on hand and, if you’re willing, having pillows and blankets ready for an overnight guest or two. For some, these measures may feel like a damper on the fun, but even the most minor preparedness can mean the different between an exciting holiday weekend and the fines, hassle, and possible jail time of an OVI/DUI charge.

If you or a loved one has been charged with drunk driving over the past holiday weekend, then the time to start exploring your legal options is now. The sought-after Columbus OVI/DUI attorneys at [nap_names id=”FIRM-NAME-1″] represent clients statewide and have numerous times been industry-recognized for their prowess in this practice area.

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