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Heightened DUI/OVI Patrols This Fourth Of July Weekend

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2016 | OVI |


July 4th weekend is right around the corner and while the rest of us are planning to partake in some summer fun over the long weekend, law enforcement agencies are heightening their vigilance on roadways throughout Ohio. As with other holiday weekends, this one will come with a spike of drivers on the road who recently consumed alcohol and could be exposed to possible OVI charges.

Along with increased patrols, police will likely set up sobriety checkpoints throughout the state. This has become routine for Columbus and surrounding areas-earlier in June, the Franklin County DUI Task Force conducted checkpoints on Riverside Drive in Upper Arlington and the Columbus Division of Police conducted one on Refugee Road at Eastland Mall.

In The Event Of An Arrest

In the unlikely event that you do find yourself stopped on the road and arrested for drunk driving, it is important that you keep several key points in mind. Many of these drivers experience shock and outrage during these arrests, but this critical period can mean the difference between serious penalties and a favorable outcome.

Number 1: Cooperate. Whether you are pulled over or in a checkpoint queue, cooperate with the police. Once the authorities have decided to screen you for drunk driving, there is little you can do to “get out of it” and any excuses or resistance will only make matters worse.

Number 2: Stay Calm. Yes, an OVI charge can be serious, but there is no reason to panic in the initial arrest process. If you feel like you’ve been treated unfairly or there was an issue with your arrest, remember that it can be sorted out in the aftermath with proper counsel.

Number 3: Remain silent. It is always advised in any criminal arrest that the accused exercise their right to remain silent. The same goes for OVI arrests. Again-save any explanations or complaints until you speak with your lawyer.

Number 4: Call an attorney. It is also advised that you call an attorney as soon as possible. Remember, even if you fail a breathalyzer test, you are only suspected of drunk driving, not guilty of it. A proven OVI defense lawyer can help you assess your case and aggressively pursue any defense avenues on your behalf.

If you or a loved one has incurred a drunk driving charge this holiday weekend, we invite you to call The Law Offices of Saia, Marrocco & Jensen Inc. Our legal team is renowned for staying on the cutting-edge of the branch of criminal defense and time and time again secured favorable results for our clients.

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