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Attorney Jon Saia Appears On Whiskey Business Podcast

Founding Attorney Jon Saia recently appeared on the Whiskey Business podcast with Dino Tripodis. In the episode, titled “Your Best Shot At Avoiding A DUI,” Attorney Saia and Dino discuss a wide range of DUI topics including what to do when you are pulled over for suspected drunk driving and whether or not you should submit to a breathalyzer test.

Whiskey Business is a fairly new podcast in which Dino, a local comedian and radio personality, speaks with an array of guests over whiskey drinks. Dino used his conversation with Attorney Saia to discuss drunk driving charges and the realities that drivers face once they realize they are suspected of criminal activity.

For example, Attorney Saia reveals in the episode that when an officer pulls you over and asks if you’ve been drinking that day or night, the best course of action is to tell the officer that you won’t be answering any questions until a lawyer is present. Even if the officer becomes disgruntled and you are arrested, Attorney Saia argues that this approach is legally sound and helps suspected driver in the long run.

Blow vs. Don’t Blow

One of the other drunk driving topics discussed on the podcast is whether or not motorists should agree to a breathalyzer test. Attorney Saia notes that earlier in his career, he was considered controversial when he started to recommend that drivers actually submit to the breathalyzer test.

Essentially, Attorney Saia knew this approach was in motorists’ best interests because there are known flaws in breathalyzer technology and even if a driver does register a blood alcohol concentration over the limit, there’s significant chance that those results are contestable in court. As Attorney Saia explains, even certain foods-like pizza and Wonder Bread-can register false positive BAC tests.

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