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Ohio State Patrol stopped 1,000 vehicles July 4 weekend

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2017 | OVI |

The July 4th holiday weekend has come and gone and the Ohio State Highway Patrol has released some statistics from the weekend. Even though the holiday was on a Tuesday, many people enjoyed a very long holiday weekend from Friday through Tuesday, causing gridlock everywhere as families traveled to and from fireworks displays.

In Belmont County alone, the Ohio State Highway Patrol stopped more than 1,000 vehicles during the holiday weekend. This led to eight arrests for OVI and 51 seat belt violations. The patrol also responded to 14 crashes within county borders. The patrol operates out of the St. Clairsville post in the county. More than 800 citations were issued during the holiday weekend by this specific post.

“During the holiday weekend, we can happily report that there were no fatal traffic crashes in Belmont or Monroe counties, which at the end of the day, that’s our goal, to make sure nobody dies on Ohio roadways,” a spokesperson for the post said in a statement to the media during the release of the statistics.

Outside of Belmont County, the Ohio State Highway Patrol reported that as of the morning of July 4 there had already been 14 traffic deaths during the holiday weekend. The number is up from the 13 killed during the 2016 July 4 holiday weekend that came from 12 crashes. That number included seven fatal crashes related to OVI. In 2016, the patrol made 680 OVI arrests during the holiday weekend.

Final statistics for the state of Ohio regarding the July 4 holiday weekend will not be available until at least Friday July 7.

The entire Ohio State Highway Patrol engaged in OVI checkpoints and other activities this past holiday weekend in an effort to curb OVI and remove any dangerous drivers from the roads.

Operating a vehicle intoxicated is a serious crime in the state of Ohio. If you have been charged with OVI, consider speaking with a criminal defense attorney in Columbus who can represent you at your court appearance.

Source: WTOV, “St. Clairsville OSHP stopped more than 1,000 vehicles during holiday weekend,” July 05, 2017

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