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January is a peak month for divorce filings

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2018 | Family Law |

Divorce filings tend to rise and fall with the seasons and January is one of the highest months for filing. Peak divorce months are actually March and August, but filings steadily increase from January and the first Monday of the New Year is actually known as “Divorce Day.”


After the holidays

Many couples will avoid separating until after the holiday season has ended. From Thanksgiving through New Year’s, the holiday season is culturally important and making large family adjustments during that timeframe is counter to cultural norms. During the time of year when family togetherness is emphasized, ending your marriage often seems socially unacceptable.

When children are involved, parents may want to give their kids one last family Christmas. Even if parents agreed to separate before the holiday season, they frequently wait to file until after it’s over in order to prevent upsetting their children during their favorite season. Even children have social expectations for the holidays, and parents are hesitant to damper the festive atmosphere.

A season for change

When the New Year arrives, many people are ready to embrace change. From simple New Year’s resolutions to life overhauls, January starts the season of change. This often includes ending a relationship that no longer satisfies their needs. Starting divorce proceedings in January allows them to begin the process and start making the life changes they envisioned.

With as many of one in five couples considering divorce as January begins, the seasonal trend will start anew. The process of ending your marriage is not always easy, but giving yourself a fresh start can be exactly what you need for 2018.

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