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Ohio’s response to OVI arrests

On Behalf of | Jan 16, 2018 | OVI |

The entire holiday season is one meant to be filled with relaxation and joyous times — this is, after all, the sentiment of most Ohio residents who celebrate around this time of year. Yet by the same token, the holidays can bring about trouble when travelling. This can be especially true when spirits are high and substances are mixed, leaving drivers in tricky situations. Although the new year has begun, there are many still celebrating with family and friends this winter season. Are there particular risks one should be aware of if driving impaired?

A December 2017 article from News 5 of Cleveland asked a similar question regarding impaired drivers in the state, questioning the act of helping others who seem unable to properly drive. According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, police and other experts, taking a friend’s keys when they appear too impaired is not always the best idea. Why? Some assert that calling the police is the most responsible choice — doing so could help prevent any altercation that could occur. Physical confrontations that could arise from such a situation could even place others in trouble with the law. This option may seem severe, but News 5 adds that it can make the difference between a lighthearted evening and a disastrous incident. 

Cincinnati News also takes a look at the seriousness of operating a vehicle while impaired, but from another angle: the dispute between lawmakers regarding an impaired driving arrest. According to their article released shortly before the holidays, one Ohio state representative faced an OVI charge after he was found passed out in his car while parked in a fast food restaurant parking lot. Lawmakers were shocked to find that, despite the arrest, the elected official did not choose to resign from his position.

These events have spurred candidates from both parties to enter the race, determined to challenge the incumbent. Although the political issue has yet to be resolved, it’s important to reflect that there are legal aspects associated with any OVI arrest and that they deserve to be taken seriously. 









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