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School shooting threats result in several local arrests

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2018 | Criminal Defense |

Many in Columbus may recognize the fact that kids will be kids. Most likely take that to mean that kids (and even teens) may engage in actions whose ramifications they do not fully appreciate. While their naivete may be understood, law enforcement officials are tasked with keeping public safety in mind, and thus may be obliged to treat any perceived threats to that safety very seriously. One area where this potential conflict may specifically apply to teens is in school violence. Those teens that imply that they may be preparing to engage in such violence may quickly discover that their words could result in some very serious consequences.

Two teenage girls in Lawrence County are having to learn this lesson the hard way. Both were arrested on charges of inducing panic and making terroristic threats towards their respective high schools. These arrests come on the heels of similar action taken just the previous week for threats arising from other schools. While the use of online media was confirmed as the source of the threat in only one of the cases, local law enforcement officials reminded students that communications sent via computers or cellphones are traceable, and that making threats could result in punitive action.

While it may be difficult to fault authorities for being vigilant in protecting local residents (and in particular, local schools), some thought should still be given to the fact that threats made by teens often lack the intent to ever follow through with them. While that line of thinking should not be seen as justifying their actions (or excusing them from any consequences), it should be considered when assessing what charges they should face. Parents may wish to seek the assistance of an attorney to ensure their kids’ rights are protected in such situations.

Source: WOWK “Female Arrested for Making Threats in Lawrence County, Ohio” Poole, Craig, Feb. 28, 2016

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