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Divorce and changes to your estate plan

There are all sorts of stressors that people have to face when they decide to split up with their marital partner. For some, such as those who have children, divorce can be especially complicated (child support, custody disputes, and so on). It is important to keep in mind that divorce can have an impact on a person’s life in all sorts of other ways also. For example, those who have an estate plan may need to take a second look at their trust or will when they divorce.

A number of changes to your estate plan may be necessary if you split up with your spouse. For example, you might need to remove your spouse from your estate plan, whether you were planning on leaving them with assets or named them as the executor of your estate. Divorce can affect an estate plan in other ways as well. If you were a step-parent and listed your ex-spouse’s children as beneficiaries, you may also wish to remove them from your estate plan or make other changes to the way in which your assets are split up.

Ultimately, it is essential to be aware of the different reasons why your estate plan may need to be reviewed following a divorce. Our law office recognizes that many people who find themselves in this position feel overwhelmed about their circumstances or are not sure which course of action is best. Our law office offers additional information related to estate plan review over in our estate planning section.