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How to help young kids cope after a divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2018 | Family Law |

Divorce can be extremely tough on kids as well as parents. This is particularly true of very young children, who often lack the coping mechanisms to deal with the aftermath of a marital separation. In this case, it’s up to you to help your kids navigate their emotions after a divorce, which will help facilitate a smoother transition towards your new family dynamic.

Be Civil Towards Your Ex-Spouse

While it can be difficult, maintaining civility with your ex will ensure he or she has a healthy relationship with your child. This entails not expressing anger about your ex in front of your kids and not getting in the way of visitation plans. A healthy relationship with both parents post-divorce will offer the biggest benefit in terms of coping with negative emotions.

 Try to Keep Common Routines

Kids thrive on order and any disruption to a daily routine can be the source of anxiety. Accordingly, it’s best to stick to your daily routine when at all possible,. For instance, if you regularly have story time at night it’s recommended that you keep that tradition. Routine makes kids feel secure and security is essential during a divorce.

Be Honest

If your child is a bit older chances are he or she is going to have many questions about what occurred. When answering questions, parents must strive for honesty at all times without giving away too much detail. Emphasize to your kids that both you and your ex still love and care about them, which can sometimes be called into questions in the minds of children. In some instances your child may even believe that the other parent is gone for good, and it’s up to you to stress that this is not the case.

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