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Problems with field sobriety tests

Have you been arrested and charged with a drunk driving offense in Ohio? If so, you are no doubt interested in learning as much as you can about your options to defend yourself against this charge. One of the things you should know is that the three roadside tests used by law enforcement officers before your arrest, called field sobriety tests, each have a defined rate of inaccuracy. Your health may even be a reason that you could not satisfactorily pass one, two or all three of these tests.

Among the problems associated with these tests is the fact that the officer administering them does not know what is normal for you. According to, this makes it very difficult for them to accurately identify what action on your part might actually indicate that you are impaired by alcohol. A person who is more than 50 pounds over their ideal weight may not be able to balance simply because of the weight, not because they are drunk.

Some people with neurological conditions might have an exaggerated eye jerking that to the officer could be interpreted as potential intoxication. Anxiety might make someone more likely to be shaky or jerky in their movements, therefore rendering them unable to walk heel-to-toe in a straight line.

If you would like to learn more about the personal health factors that may contribute to inaccurate results from field sobriety tests, please feel free to visit the drunk driving investigation test page of our Ohio criminal and OVI defense website.