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OVIs increase during the holiday season

Spending time with your family and friends over the holidays often includes one common denominator: alcohol. Whether you drank one too many spiked eggnogs or said cheers to the New Year with a few too many glasses, seeing flashing lights behind you on the way home is never a good sign.

According to recent statistics, between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, car accidents due to intoxication caused 25,000 injuries. What consequences will you face for an OVI over the holidays? What are other ways to get home that do not include driving yourself?

Consequences of drinking and driving

In Ohio, you may face these consequences for operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol.

  • Jail time: minimum 72 hours (three days) – maximum six months
  • License suspension: minimum one year – maximum three years
  • Fines: Dependent on your situation

5 ways to get home instead of driving yourself

You may find that you are tempted to drive yourself home, but it can be difficult to tell if you are sober or not. The best thing to do in this situation is to play it safe, as the penalties for an OVI are severe, and you could risk your life as well as others if you are on the road. The following are ways to keep yourself, and others, safe after a night of drinking this holiday season.

  • Call a cab
  • Call a friend
  • Use a rideshare service
  • Stay at a hotel
  • Stay with a friend

Drinking and driving, especially over the holidays, is risky. The best way to avoid an OVI or a serious accident is to abstain from driving after you have consumed alcohol.