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Can I make my own will?

Can I make my own will?

If you’re currently estate planning in Ohio, you might be considering creating your own will to save money. While there are a number of DIY resources available, you definitely want to think twice before moving forward on your own. The Balance offers a few reasons why creating your own will could end up being more trouble than it’s worth.

There’s no substitute for knowledge

If you look closely at will creation online, almost all of them state disclaimers. These disclaimers warn estate planners that DIY documents are not a substitute for professional legal guidance. In this case, you may encounter an issue that can’t be covered by such a document. You might also make a mistake that will ultimately leave your will invalid, which will lead your estate right to rebate court.

Laws vary from state to state

Even if you have a grasp of what makes a valid will, do you know your state-specific laws? If not, you could make an omission that calls your will into question. You may also include a clause that isn’t applicable in your case. If so, your final wishes will not be met. There are also tax considerations, debt repayments, and many other complex issues that can’t be covered by a boilerplate will.

Not all estate needs are the same

In the same token, your estate might be more complex than a DIY will can accommodate. If you have property in different states can chances are, you’re going to need the help of an attorney, who will be able to take the proper steps to get your affairs in order. While writing your own will can save you money initially, in the long run it could cost you dearly.