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Benefits of deciding to name charities in a will

On Behalf of | Jan 9, 2019 | Estate Planning |

When people are in the process of planning their estate in Ohio, one of the aspects they may consider is writing a will. This document is a place where they can relay, in detail, how they wish that their assets be distributed following their death. While most people think of their loved ones to name as heirs and beneficiaries, other options can be considered as well. 

One alternative that people may analyze in deciding where to distribute their assets, is charities. They can select organizations that represent characteristics and values that they have prioritized throughout their life. They can choose organizations that have sentimental or emotional value to them. People who choose to name charities in their will can see the benefits of that decision in several different ways. 

People who wish to continue giving and doing service even after their death can feel that satisfaction from naming charities in their will. It may also make the entire process of planning an estate a bit more bearable and not quite so dark. No matter the amount of the donation a person makes, the charity they gift it to will welcome the donation with open arms and endless gratitude. They can celebrate the contributor’s generosity even after they have passed away. 

If people are in the process of planning their estate, a legal professional can provide valuable direction. Attorneys have all of the resources to help people coordinate an estate plan that fits their lifestyle and is customized to meet their unique needs. 

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