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How to spot a narcissist in your marriage

Narcissists have an inflated and inaccurate image of themselves. No matter what subject, they are always right. They consistently know more than you and are better than you in everything. These are just some of their qualities.

It is too bad that you learned well into your relationship that you married one. Now that you seek a divorce, you clearly understand what others told you and what you learned from firsthand experience. Expect a great deal of emotional distress in a narcissistic relationship.

The qualities of a narcissist

Remember that a narcissist does not like to lose and more than likely will fight you at every step, especially in divorce. Because he or she must win at all costs, mediation is not a likely option in divorce scenarios.

It is not difficult to spot a narcissist. Such a person may have a few or many of these qualities:

  • Feelings of superiority.
  • Expresses no sign of empathy.
  • A master of manipulation and in controlling the behavior of others.
  • The need and demand for admiration.
  • Insistence on having their needs met, discounting the needs and feelings of others.
  • The slightest criticism enrages them. Overreactions are not uncommon, and they cannot accept any form of feedback about their behavior.
  • Aggressive and combustible.

Any one of these signs should trigger an alarm in your relationship. Trust your instincts and feelings. It is likely time to get out of your marriage.

Take flight to better things

Behind the bluster and egotistical behavior of a narcissist lies a person with low self-esteem; a person who has been dragging you down with him or her. You do not want that to happen. Take flight and move on to a different chapter of your life, one that is more fulfilling.