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5 ways criminal charges in college might affect your future

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2022 | Criminal Defense |

Criminal charges in college can significantly impact your life in several ways, especially if you accept them without defending yourself. Seeking knowledgeable representation is key to helping you protect your future.

Here are five unfortunate ways accepting criminal charges in Ohio today may affect your life tomorrow.

1. Your reputation could suffer irreparable harm

Narratives are powerful. Whether the charges against you are legitimate or not, your reputation may suffer irreparable damage from the idea that the accusations might be true. You have a right to defend your name, which could help you safeguard your future.

2. You may struggle to find campus housing or work

Depending on your college’s rules, you might struggle to secure a place to stay on campus. Additionally, you could have difficulty getting a job on or off campus.

3. You might have to leave groups or teams

Many colleges have strict requirements for participation in groups or teams. Criminal charges may force you to exit the extracurriculars you love.

4. Your financial aid may disappear

Depending on the nature of your charges, you may no longer qualify for financial assistance to help you pay for college.

5. You could get suspended or expelled

If the charges against you hold, your college may suspend or expel you for violating their rules. Ohio State University, for example, outlines prohibited behaviors in its code of student conduct.

Criminal charges are serious and can have life-altering consequences. Taking defensive action now may save you from hardship down the road.

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