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3 ways to dispute your OVI charge

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2023 | OVI Defense |

Getting charged with operating a vehicle under the influence can be frightening and confusing. People naturally want to be able to defend themselves after such an accusation, especially if they believe the charge to be false. Having an OVI conviction on a criminal record can have major implications, including for driving in the future and even for finding employment.

Here are three ways to dispute an OVI charge in Ohio.

1. Question the breath test

The breath test is one of the most common ways that members of law enforcement gain evidence of OVI. However, it is possible for the equipment used to give these tests to have incorrect calibration, or they may be inaccurate due to a defendant’s recent exposure to other chemicals.

2. Mention relevant medical conditions

There are several medical conditions that have symptoms that law enforcement may mistake for driving under the influence. That is to say, some conditions may cause someone to seem as though they have consumed more alcohol than they actually have. People experiencing low blood sugar levels, for instance, may appear uncoordinated and confused in a similar way as someone who is under the influence.

3. Pay attention to police procedure

If a member of law enforcement skips a necessary step during an arrest, a defendant may use that as a defense against their original charge. Although getting pulled over on suspicion of OVI is stressful, it is important that drivers pay attention to the officer’s actions during the ordeal.

People are better able to stick up for themselves when they know the ins and outs of disputing an OVI conviction.

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