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Celebrating Labor Day Weekend? Don’t Risk an OVI!

On Behalf of | Sep 2, 2015 | OVI |


If you’re like thousands of other residents of the Greater Columbus area, you’re planning on traveling to take part in Labor Day festivities this weekend. Every year, along with all the BBQs and poolside fun with friends and family, Labor Day weekend brings a spike in drunk driving activity. Local law enforcement knows this, and in the last several years police departments have deployed a coordinated effort to identify drunk drivers and charge them with OVI.

Expect an Increase in Sobriety Checkpoints

Along with increased patrols, there will likely be an increase in sobriety checkpoints. Legally, police departments have to publicly announce the general area of these checkpoints, but public knowledge of the checkpoints can also act as a deterrent of OVI activity.

According to Insurance Institute of Highway Safety research, sobriety checkpoints can reduce drunk driving-related fatalities by as much as 20 percent. You’ll be able to find the locations of the Labor Day 2015 sobriety check points from your local police department website, social media, and local news outlets.

Tips to Avoid DUI Charges

Beyond expecting checkpoints, there are other ways to avoid an OVI this coming holiday weekend:

  • Select a designated driver: Using a designated driver remains one of the best ways to partake in drinking and still being able to commute safely with friends.
  • Download a ride sharing app: Many researchers are already looking to companies like Uber and Lyft to explain why drunk driving activity in some communities has decreased. If you haven’t tried the apps yet, this weekend may be a good time to start.
  • Prepare for an overnight stay: Labor Day weekend activities can usually go late into the night. During these hours, not only is intoxication likely to hurt your driving, but so will fatigue. Plan ahead with your host for an overnight stay and keep off the road late at night.
  • Don’t forget bus lines and taxis: They’re a last resort for many, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t get you home safely. Checking nearby bus stops and keeping a cab company’s number in your phone or wallet can mean the difference between a memorable holiday weekend and a costly criminal charge.

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