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Media Turns to Attorneys Jon Saia and Jessica D’Varga Following Ohio State Football OVI Scandal

facebook-googleplus.pngLast Saturday morning, Ohio State quarterback J.T. Barrett was pulled over on campus and subsequently arrested on three misdemeanor charges– two of which were OVI-related. Now, the media has turned to Attorneys Jon Saia and Jessica D’Varga for insight into Barrett’s case and the consequences he may face.

NBC 4 turned to Jon Saia to examine one key factor in Barrett’s case: his age. Barrett is only 20, so his OVI impaired and OVI per se charge could hold a greater weight in court. “Because he is under the age of 21, the legal limit for anyone under the age of 21 in Ohio is .02. Not the .08 we hear all the time for adults.” According to court records, Barrett had a .099 blood alcohol content reading at the time of his OVI arrest.

FOX 28 also went to Attorney Saia for insight into what affect the charge could have on Barrett in the long-term–even beyond his football career. Attorney Saia, who has defended several OSU football players in OVI cases, said, “people don’t understand the ramification of an OVI conviction on their record.” He punctuated the fact that, if found guilty, Barrett’s OVI could stay on his record for life.

Ohio’s Intervention Program

Speaking with Eleven Warriors, Attorney D’Varga elaborated on a more optimistic outcome of Barrett’s case that would avoid criminal penalties. “Generally speaking on first offense OVIs, especially in Franklin County, because it’s a [misdemeanor 1], generally what they do is a three-day driver’s intervention program,” D’Varga told the site. “It’s basically 72 hours of drug and alcohol counseling that they usually conduct at a hotel, but it’s run by a drug and alcohol counseling program. You have to check in and then you can’t leave until the 72 hours are up, but it’s certainly not jail.”

Barrett is scheduled for court this coming Friday, where he will answer for his OVI impaired, OVI per se, and “backing without safety” charges. He will face an 180-day license suspension and, if sentenced criminal penalties, a $375 fine, court costs, and possible jail time.

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