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The Fourth of July has more drunk drivers than any other holiday

If you had to guess what the worst drunk driving holidays were, what would you say? New Year’s Eve? Thanksgiving or Christmas? If you said the Fourth of July, you would be correct. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety says that Independence Day sadly has the most fatal car crashes nationwide. Of those accidents, 40 percent were alcohol related.

What is supposed to be a day of celebration with friends and family turns tragic far too often. On the Fourth of July 2018, alcohol-related crashes killed eight people and police arrested 296 more for drunk driving in Ohio.

Remember to drink responsibly this Fourth of July. A few tips to increase your chances for a safe Fourth of July include:

  • Don’t drive if you drink. Plan for a safe ride home in advance if you want to drink, whether that’s a friend or relative or an Uber. If you have no ride home, sleeping on someone’s couch for the night is a better idea than drinking and driving.
  • Know how much you’re drinking. Being conscientious of how much you’re drinking is wise. Five ounces is one glass of wine, 1.5 ounces is one drink for liquor and a 12-ounce beer with five percent alcohol by volume is one drink. Be aware that these are general guidelines and consuming beverages with a higher alcohol content will raise your blood alcohol level.
  • Alcohol affects people differently. Research generally says that men reach the legal level of intoxication after five drinks in two hours and four drinks in two hours for women. However, factors like weight, medications, and how much food you’ve eaten that day can affect your alcohol tolerance. For example, this means that a man can be legally drunk after fewer than five drinks in a two-hour period.

Dont let a DUI or crash ruin your celebration

You can still have fun and do so while being responsible. The Fourth of July is one of the most dangerous days to drive because many people are travelling, and many celebrate with alcohol. You will also see expanded drunk driving patrols on holidays like the Fourth of July, which is just another reason to think twice before considering drunk driving.