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What are the common signs of divorce?

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2017 | Family Law |

Divorce is a touchy subject for some, even with the stigma pretty much no longer present. As a couple’s marriage hits rocky patches, some will go down the road of reconciliation, while others will move towards divorce. So, what are the common signs of divorce in Ohio?

A big sign of divorce is when one or both spouses stops sharing information with the other. This can be as minor as everyday thoughts or as major as keeping a promotion from them. Spouses love to share information with each other and it is what keeps a marriage healthy. When the sharing of information stops, the couple could be headed for divorce.

When a spouse thinks or dreams about their future, and the other spouse is not in the plans, divorce is on the horizon. A married couple should have common hopes and dreams that include each other. When one spouse does not see the other in their future plans, even if children are present, then divorce might be the route to take.

If a child ever brings up the topic of divorce to a parent, this is a big sign that divorce is imminent. Children are smarter than they are given credit for and they can see when their parents are not happy with one another, especially if the parents fight in front of the children.

Another common sign of divorce in Ohio is when one spouse tries to get caught being unfaithful by the other. This means that the one spouse no longer tries to hide their wrongdoing because they want it to lead to divorce.

Spouses who feel like they are going to upset or let down their family and friends if they get divorced are likely headed for such an end to their marriage. The same can be said for a spouse who constantly has to lie or put a smile on their face to let others believe that their marriage is strong.

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