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Additional Horrors of an OVI/DUI Conviction

I recently became aware that the Ohio Legislature, with the blessing of the governor, recently amended Ohio law to read as follows: "When a person is charged with two or more offenses as a result of or in connection with the same act and the final disposition of one,...

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Driver’s License Reinstatement

If you have been placed under a driver's rights suspension either by the court or by the BMV, here are some important tips for properly reinstating your license at the conclusion of the suspension:  Be sure to pay your reinstatement fee either prior too or on the...

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Victory in Delaware County OVI Case

One of our experienced defense attorneys, Jon Jensen, has helped an OVIclient obtain a beneficial outcome in Delaware County Municipal Court. The client was stopped for failing to yield at a stop sign. She submitted to field sobriety testing, which she failed. The...

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Successful Outcome in Morrow County OVI Case

State v. Sherman, Case No. 2014-TRC-215 / 2014-TRD-216Attorney Jon Jensen recently achieved a great result for a client facing OVI charges in Morrow County. The client was originally charged with OVI (4511.191(A)(1)(a)) and FTC (4511.202) after being involved in a...

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