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January 2018 Archives

.05 Legal Limit: Challenge Accepted

Once upon a time, the law in Ohio created a presumption that a driver was impaired with a .15 Blood Alcohol Content (BAC). Then the law changed and created a "per se" violation of the law at a .10 BAC. It has since been reduced a legal limit of a .08 BAC. The NHTSA Manual for DWI Detection states that a 175 man would need to drink 4 beers in an hour to reach the current legal limit. This has been the frame of reference for people across the nation when making the decision of whether to get behind the wheel.

The basics of the insanity defense in Ohio

The insanity defense in criminal trials has landed under public spotlight in recent years, largely propelled by popular culture and media stories. But what lies underneath the commentary is a much more serious issue: protecting the life and rights of the defendant. This type of criminal defense can become incredibly complex, as courts must accurately determine if the defense is valid -- after all, many argue over what, exactly, constitutes as insanity. Despite contradicting views on this legal process, Ohio residents have the right to take this legal course of action in certain and potentially crucial situations. 

Congratulations to Rising Star, Megan Gibson

Attorney Megan Gibson was once again selected as a 2018 Rising Star by Ohio SuperLawyers Magazine.  This is Ms. Gibson's fourth consecutive year of being selected as a Rising Star.  Ms. Gibson practices throughout CentralOhio out of the Columbus Office of Saia & Piatt located at 713 South Front Street, Columbus, OH (Ph: 614-444-3036). The focus of Ms. Gibson's practice is Divorce, Dissolution, Custody and Family Law related matters. Additional information about Ms. Gibson can be found at 

Collaborative divorce in Ohio

If your family is breaking up, you know the heartbreak and pain of the process. It is difficult enough without divorce proceedings turning into an ugly fight that you might reasonably want to avoid.

Avoiding federal estate taxes

With every approaching payday in Columbus, you can count on one thing: the government taking its share of your earnings in taxes. Many clients come to us here at The Law Offices of Saia & Piatt Inc. concerned that the same thing will happen when the time comes to administer their estates. After having worked your entire lifetime to secure assets for your beneficiaries, how disheartening might that be to your family to see much of them eaten up by taxes? 

Ohio's response to OVI arrests

The entire holiday season is one meant to be filled with relaxation and joyous times -- this is, after all, the sentiment of most Ohio residents who celebrate around this time of year. Yet by the same token, the holidays can bring about trouble when travelling. This can be especially true when spirits are high and substances are mixed, leaving drivers in tricky situations. Although the new year has begun, there are many still celebrating with family and friends this winter season. Are there particular risks one should be aware of if driving impaired?

January is a peak month for divorce filings

Divorce filings tend to rise and fall with the seasons and January is one of the highest months for filing. Peak divorce months are actually March and August, but filings steadily increase from January and the first Monday of the New Year is actually known as “Divorce Day.”

Probating small estates in Ohio

Many come to us here at The Law Offices of Saia & Piatt Inc. after having lost a loved one terrified that the decedent's estate may now have to go through probate. This is no doubt due to the many horror stories told by people in Columbus about how probate proceedings can take so long that they drain all of the assets out of an estate through fees. You might have heard such tales, and thus share the same concerns. Yet it is important to remember that the purpose of the probate process is not to take away all of the assets your loved one spent his or her life working for. Rather, it is just to ensure that they are distributed correctly. 

Don't Lose All Your Money to the Nursing Home: How to Plan for Long Term Care Costs.

You have heard the horror stories from friends, family or neighbors about dealing with an extended long-term care stay for a loved one. Well, unfortunately without proper planning, we see a lot of those horror stories come true. As the baby-boomer generation starts to reach retirement age, we will see these horror stories happen more and more.

Congratulation to Ohio Rising Star, Attorney Meredith O'Brien

Attorney Meredith O'Brien was selected as a 2018 Rising Star by Ohio SuperLawyers Magazine. Ms. O'Brien practices throughout Northeast Ohio out of the  Cleveland Office of Saia & Piatt located at 1392 SOM Center Road, Mayfield Heights, OH 44124 (Ph:  440-646-1881.  The focus of Ms. O'Brien's practice is Criminal Defense, OVI Defense, Traffic Defense, Divorce, Dissolution, Custody, Estate Planning and Family Law related matters.  Additional information about Ms. O'Brien can be found at

Are DUI checkpoints legal?

Holiday parties in Ohio are sometimes a little too much fun, but you stopped drinking a while ago and switched to coffee. You feel confident and competent to drive home, at least until you find yourself among all the other drivers inching through a sobriety checkpoint.

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