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Fathers’ Rights Attorneys

How Our Lawyers Protect Father-Child Relationships

It often feels like family law courts prefer mothers to fathers. At The Law Offices of Saia, Marrocco & Jensen Inc., we believe that fathers play a vital role in their child’s life. We use the legal system to ensure your access to your child and to preserve your relationship.

Our lawyers have more than 100 years of combined experience. We have assisted hundreds of fathers through the legal system and fought successfully to protect their rights. Speak with our attorneys about your case at your free initial consultation. Call 419-946-7876.

Your Legal Options

As you pursue your rights as a father, you should consider:

  • The law assumes that, if a mother is married at the time of birth or conception, that man is the child’s father. The court requires a paternity case to dispute this presumption.
  • Courts prefer equal custody unless extenuating circumstances apply.
  • A child’s primary caregiver is generally granted child support. In some cases, a parent with 50/50 custody can obtain child support from the other parent.

Our firm’s experienced legal team is committed to your case. We analyze the details of your case and strategize your best path to success. We are focused on achieving your goals while respecting your personal and emotional needs.

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Our attorneys are focused on obtaining the best possible outcome for you. Whether we are helping you obtain custody and visitation rights, petitioning your paternity or contesting child support, our lawyers have strategic solutions that best serve your needs. Email our office in Columbus today.